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"With the support of The EHCP group, we managed to get our LA to Concede to specialist school placement and our oldest Son is now looking forward to starting a wonderful specialist, Independent school in September.

We couldn't have done it without The EHCP Group and their in-depth knowledge and the amazing support they gave at every step of the way.  Highly recommended.  LG



“My local council said I could not get transport, but The EHCP Group helped me to secure taxi transport for my son to get to school.  I am so grateful for their help and support.”   C J


“We lost our appeal at tribunal for placement and our solicitor refused to support us as he said the tribunal was completed and had made their decision.  Julie from the EHCP Group supported us with appealing to the tribunal to successfully overturn their decision.  We are thankful our child did not have to attend the school he hated and that we knew could not meet his needs.  We now have a new and appropriate school named for which we are thankful to Julie for.”  Sarah B.


“I was told my child’s school I could not get an EHCP, The EHCP Group helped me to apply, and we got our EHCP.   Thank you so much.”  Kim G.


“Our placement was breaking down, The EHCP Group helped us to secure an independent specialist placement which my daughter is now thriving in.”  Alison E.

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