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The EHCP Group can help parents to put in place the right support for any special educational needs (SEN) that a child may have. Our consultants are highly qualified professionals, with specialist training and knowledge in special educational needs and disability law and have many years of experience in dealing with schools, the local authority and the SEND Tribunal service. 

The EHCP Group knows that one size never fits all, and for any child the parent is always the best advocate.  However, understanding the process and the law around special needs is complex, and can often leave parents feeling overwhelmed and vulnerable. 

The EHCP Group offers reasonably priced support packages, with a quick and discrete turnaround enabling you to act within the timeframes set out in law. We also work closely with therapy and health professionals to be able to offer reliable and expert packages.

You can secure support at the click of a button or if you need a bespoke package for tribunal support or representation we can provide a quote at your request.

The EHCP Group is committed to ensuring that parents have access to the right information to enable them to help achieve the best possible outcomes for their child. 

What makes us different to other services?

The EHCP Group was founded to fill the gap for for those parents seeking a quick and affordable service to manage the complex and overwhelming paperwork process with obtaining and maintaining an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP).


Our consultants are qualified professionals who have a wealth of experience in special educatioanl needs.


Over the years there has been a consistent theme with the support that parents need

  • a lack of understanding of the system and legal framework

  • overwhelming information, "jargon"

  • extensive overwhelming documentation

  • very few places to get help and advice that is quick and affordable

Our experienced advocates have a unique understanding of parents needs and anxiety about getting the best possible outcomes for their child or young person, at an affordable price.

This is why The EHCP Group was founded. 

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